I Enjoy Being a Girl

I like the simple pleasures
of being a modern woman

Scented candles, not too floral, not too sickly sweet

I like to rub oils on my face with moist fingertips
gentle caresses, dobbing dollops of dollars
onto parched earth

I like lacquer
a shine to my reach and a shine to my mouth

I like cheeks that shine to the heavens and scream
a laughing shriek that bounces from the back of the bar
to the rooftops shouting
“I am made of skin and bones and flesh and fat and
absolute, radiating light”
“I am free free free”

I like to spray the linens with tea tree
and roll, naked, in cotton and sunbeams

I like to shut the door and peel off the day
and shake the floor with heavy, bare feet
shimmy into cushions
and mark the house with my scent

I like to twist and thunder
my presence into space
I like to saturate
until the air is damp
until you start to drip
sweat, cum, whatever
until you feel too much

I like to penetrate
to thrust myself
into the most sacred spaces
and shatter you